Ham House

Ham House is a historic Mansion offering exclusive lodgings in the historic Hudson Valley

In 1854 William R. Ham, a New York entrepreneur and gentleman farmer, build this 13-room home for his daughter  atop a promontory in Tivoli, NY.
The house faces South toward Cruger Island and has a glorious Western view of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountain Range. The house was originally sited on 1500 acres of Hudson River frontage, now known as the Tivoli Bays State Park.

In the early part of the 1900’s the house became part of a philanthropic endeavor by a group of New York business men who purchased a vast tract of land and homes to be used as a summer camp for underprivileged children. Bard College was also formed around this time. The house became housing for faculty and students and fell into disrepair until the current owners purchased it in 1996.

Ham House is located in Tivoli, NY

Ham House is sited on 6 acres on a promontory overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountain Range.
The house is surrounded by the 1500 acre Tivoli Bays State Park and is within easy walking distance
to the Village of Tivoli and Bard College.


“On a crisp winter day, we pulled into the regal Ham House, overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. My jaw dropped. This was not your average vacation rental. It was right out of the movie: My Big, Waspy, Rich Wedding; or where Claire Underwood would reside if she left the White House and moved to, um, Tivoli, New York. Everything was immaculate and with such exceptional taste that Diane Von Furstenberg could cry her eyes out.”

 – Alyssa Shelasky

Town and Country Magazine

“When we discovered Ham House in the Hudson Valley, we felt that it matched up perfectly with our vision of an intimate and timeless celebration with close friends and family.  We chose Ham House because there wasn’t much we needed to do; it is beautiful all on its own. The style of the house is sophisticated and elegant in an understated way, so we stayed true to that and carried it through to the styling of the event with the rentals, florals and décor and a fantastic band.”

 – Abby Larson

Style me Pretty

“The heavy lift to safe this grand lady was mitigated by its status as one of the great houses along the Hudson River. No easy fixer-upper, the mansion required renovating on a scale that would scare off many buyers. Ham House is filled with many materials that were sourced in Europe but look right at home. Although Ham House has endured in many guises, it’s come into its own as an authentically restored antique that functions well in the modern world.”

 – Shawn Hartley Hancock

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